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According to Lightcast, the median advertised salary for a DevOps engineer is $110,000 as of July 2022. As always, there are many factors that influence salary such as location, job level, years of experience, company size and more. The LSU DevOps Engineer Certificate is made up of 15 courses comprised of 7 different knowledge areas which can be purchased separately or bundled together for a discount.

  • Hands-on Labs are guided, interactive experiences that help you learn and practice real-world scenarios in real cloud environments.
  • If you’re not successful on your first exam attempt, an automatic second attempt on the certification exam will be available for you.
  • This is a highly-rated DevOps certification program that can kick-start your DevOps career.
  • Being a DevOps engineer allows you to fully support and improve an organization while teaching others.
  • Ansible, Puppet, and Docker are some of the tools that automate these stages.
  • A discussion of three main tenets of DevOps infrastructure automation, continuous delivery, and reliability engineering concludes the course.
  • If you hope to become or are already a DevOps engineer, certifications can strengthen your resume, sharpen your skill set, make you more attractive to employers, and increase your bottom line.

It offers a wide variety of services, including web servers, email servers, databases, file storage servers, virtual machines, user directories, and more. Incorporating Azure and DevOps simplifies and speeds up the entire DevOps process, providing faster and more reliable deployments. Thus the certification lies in the list of best DevOps certifications as the Azure professionals, working as DevOps engineers, are aspired to get this certification. Kubernetes, is one of the top DevOps tools that enable the DevOps team to keep pace with the requirements for software development, making it a power player in the world of DevOps certifications.

What are the payment options for DevOps Engineer certification costs in Simplilearn?

If you are starting your DevOps journey, getting certified in LFCS is the start of the devops certification roadmap. Based on my DevOps experience, I can say that there is no single certification that fits all the required DevOps skills. However, based on your career path and goals I will help you pick the right certification. I have spoken more about the importance of certification in my becoming a DevOps engineer guide. Certifications like CompTIA Linux+  and CompTIA Security+ validate the skills of IT pros with hands-on experience configuring, monitoring, assessing and supporting servers running on an operating system. Check out the CompTIA Career Roadmap to see what other certifications can help you become a DevOps engineer.

Do DevOps engineers code a lot?

Do DevOps engineers code? Yes. DevOps engineers read and write code in multiple programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, C++ and Go, as part of their daily responsibilities, including implementing infrastructure automation, maintaining IT system security and managing software updates and releases.

The CKA program assesses the skills, knowledge, and proficiency that a Kubernetes Administrator should possess. The online exam consists of a performance-based set of problems that the candidate has to solve in a command line within 3 hours. The users demonstrate their competence in a hands-on, command-line environment in this program. The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) program aims to assure that CKAs have the knowledge, skills, and competency to perform the responsibilities of Kubernetes administrators. The resources you need to prepare for a DevOps certification are also readily available. If it’s a certification offered by a cloud provider or tool vendor, read through the company’s white papers and technical resources to understand how the company approaches DevOps and which best practices it recommends.

Become a Cloud DevOps Engineer: Udacity nano-degree certification

In other words, you can self-serve your way to knowledge, but you’ll get no callback from recruiters for your resume or LinkedIn profile. And that’s because not every organization and their degrees give the credibility recruiters look out for. The York University DevOps certificate is designed to deepen both conceptual and practical knowledge of DevOps and automation pipelines. The course covers tools including Git, Jenkins, Docker, Terraform, Kubernetes, and more.

Google offers lots of training and certification opportunities to expand the adoption of its tools. So, this is an advanced certification to help cloud engineers build DevOps solutions and a DevOps mindset while using Google’s cloud solutions. The career path for DevOps aspirants generally begins with the IT field, usually as a developer and operations, particularly with cloud-based infrastructure. After several years of work experience and experience, one can become an entry-level DevOps engineer before moving to an upper DevOps engineer post. While a person might want to remain at the senior DevOps level for the duration of time, they could be looking to expand into other areas of expertise related to their experience.

Career Related Program

So, when we talk about DevOps certifications, it is more certifications that are related to DevOps practice. It could be a certification based on the tool, cloud platform, SCRUM, etc. If you want to showcase your skills in service discovery, this certification is for you. To prepare for this certification, you should have a foundational knowledge of the following.

devops engineer certification

Bibin Wilson is a cloud and DevOps consultant with over 10 years of IT experience. He has extensive hands-on experience with public cloud platforms, cloud hosting, Kubernetes and OpenShift deployments in production. He has authored over 300 tech tutorials, providing valuable insights to the DevOps community. His courses on offer practical guidance and real-world examples for professionals aiming to excel in cloud, DevOps, and infrastructure automation. If you are getting started with your container journey, DCA is the best certification to start with. Over the years Docker has becomes the de-facto standard for container deployments.

This article is part of an IT Career News series called Your Next Move. These articles take an inside look at the roles related to CompTIA certifications. Each article will include the responsibilities, qualifications, related job titles and salary range for the role. As you consider the next move in your IT career, check back with CompTIA to learn more about your job prospects and how to get there. Get to know AWS services and best practices by exploring AWS whitepapers and FAQs relevant to your exam. This course will not only enable you to pass the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam but give you examples and exercises that allow you to acquire real-life skills.

  • The certification is ideal for those who work with the Docker platform, software engineers, and DevOps engineers.
  • With his mastery over App containerization technology, Niranjan has helped multiple businesses build and automate microservices, taking DevOps to the Next Level with Docker and Kubernetes.
  • So if you are certified in DevOps-related tooling, it’s an added advantage for your career.
  • This course provides guidance on the fundamentals of cloud computing with Google Cloud.
  • It covers critical DevOps concepts and the practicalities of continuous integration, development, and deployment via key systems like Kubernetes and Docker.

SRE Foundation certification helped me to make clarity in my understanding of SRE. By bagging a DevOps certification, I can offer my organisation loads of measurable benefits. When considering a job or career, work relationships, productivity, job satisfaction, and creative potential count as the most important factors that will guide my choices.

Learning DevOps could be overwhelming, so we’ve provided you with the ultimate list of the best DevOps certifications. It is not challenging to choose the option that best suits your needs. Our experience shows that it makes the most sense to start with a corresponding DevOps certification based on the tool or platform where you have expertise. The program gives a flavor of reaction to the changing market conditions with the help of continuous integration and deployment. It teaches how to monitor applications, feedback loops, and ensure customer satisfaction. This program is divided into eight courses and takes you one step forward to become an expert in this field.

devops engineer certification

For general-purpose certifications, follow the latest news and conversations about DevOps to keep yourself up to date with current trends, tools and methodologies. Finally, if your company uses a specific DevOps tool set, consider a DevOps course or certification that is tailored to the platforms or tools within it. A variety of DevOps courses and certifications are available for the major public cloud platforms as well as for popular DevOps-oriented tools, such as Jenkins and Kubernetes. While DevOps Institute encourages formal training as the best learning experience, we also recognize that humans learn in different ways from different resources and experiences. For anyone who feels prepared to demonstrate their knowledge and take the next step in their professional career, you can purchase an exam on the website here. CKS certification focuses on security best practices of Kubernetes application deployments.

If you are a DevOps engineer who works with cloud tech or the AWS environment, this certification is for you. At least two years of experience in AWS environments and coding ability in at least one high-level programming language is recommended. With his mastery over App containerization technology, Niranjan has helped multiple businesses build and automate microservices, taking DevOps to the Next Level with Docker and Kubernetes. This program elaborates techniques to architect software in a scalable way and to redesign legacy applications and break monoliths into micro-services. You also won’t have to settle for beginner certifications if extra training combined with your existing knowledge will help you acquire an advanced certification exam. DevOps teams combine development and operations to boost productivity at work.

devops engineer certification


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