Strategies for Record Labels to Manage Operating Costs in Music Industry

music and record industry accounting

He made these mistakes because he immersed himself in his musical training, which took many hours a day, leaving only enough time to eat, sleep, tour, and maybe do a bit of reading. And as a result he became one of the most amazingly skilled and expressive electric guitarists in the history of the instrument. Had he spent more time worrying about business matters, he would never have become such a phenomenal guitarist, though he might have made more money. It used to be that touring was seen as part of promotion for an album. The labels were willing to let the band keep the ticket sales money because it was an important promotional activity and the labels wanted to keep the bands motivated to tour.

  • Some go bigger and have a single 24 foot truck of gear they carry.
  • Numerous others as independent artists don’t know that release scheduling is important because you are now competing with the majors.
  • The music industry is ever-growing, and it’s no secret that the record label business continues to rake in significant profits.
  • But at this point, the band is still over a million dollars in debt to the label.
  • Bands are paid either $ guarantees, percentages of the door income, or a combination of the 2.

The article explores what it takes to start a record label. It provides tips on how to start a record label with little or no money. There you have it, the pros and cons of hiring a music accountant. Even though retaining an expert is a significant investment, it’s not the only way to ensure your accounts are in order.

Music Business Accounting Versus General Accounting

While COVID-19 has created several challenges, the industry is holding up relatively well with several new licensing opportunities on the horizon. As a result, capital is flowing into music IP investing, with acquisition activity remaining high. Most of the bands won’t be able record any album without help from record label as they are broke all the time.

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Music industry trends and predictions for 2023

Sometimes you’d need to register your artists’ recordings to the corresponding collection society, depending on the country your business operates. Label Engine’s royalty accounting system lets you process statements and pay your artists within seconds, not hours. At, we’re on a mission to undo the chaos of music royalty accounting.

music and record industry accounting

For instance, if you want to invest in new equipment, you can expect your music accountant to consider all variables before offering guidance. This includes the potential risks allied with an investment. So, with some of the best-paid music accountants taking home a cool $133,500 per year, is hiring such an expert worth it? Are the services of such a specialist an avoidable expense or a necessary investment?

How to Start a Record Label With No Money- Tips!

But any claim that the labels have ever worked on the “artists’ behalf” are just as blatantly false. Therein lies the problem with the whole argument being made by the recording industry. However, the publishing company is often a subsidiary of the label itself; in this case, $375K of that cost would go back to the label. If they don’t, then the band earned $375K to split between them, since 50% usually goes to their publishing company. If the videos cost $1 million each, the picture is worse.

“Finish up your schooling and certifications, then look for internships and opportunities to work with Managers and artists. Search for the place where you’re needed most and go for it! Producer Royalties– music industry accounting Some producers are paid based on percentage of revenue the label earns from a song. This is called producer points or producer royalties. One point is equal to 1% of the revenue earned by a song.

Arts and Entertainment Accountant

Everything else is taken out of the artists’ advances, which must be paid back from their royalties before artists earn any money. In conclusion, touring and live performance expenses are a crucial aspect of the record label business operating costs. It is essential to analyze these expenses carefully and ensure that they are within budget to prevent any financial loss for the label.


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