Top 10 Skills To Consider When you hire iOS Developers

Having a strong foundation in these skills can greatly benefit you as a junior iOS developer. Also, with these skills, you can create more efficient and effective applications, collaborate better with team members, and ensure the best user experience for your audience. User Interface and User Experience design are critical components of any mobile app development process. UI design focuses on the look and feel of the app, while UX design focuses on the overall user experience. Both of these elements are important because they can significantly impact the user’s perception of the app and ultimately determine whether they continue to use it or not. After making sure the developers align to the skillset the role requires, you will need to check their technical abilities to ensure it meets the project’s expectations.

iOS developer skills

This means that when designing apps for the iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Apple TV, or Mac, you should be able to perceive how a user interacts with the app. We’ll also give you salary rates to consider so you can maximize your resources while at the same time providing an appealing offer for the best iOS developers in the market. More than just knowing what skills to require, we’ll also give you an overview of why each skill is on the list. This will ideally help you when shortlisting your candidates in the interview phase of the hiring process.

Programming Language

Are you interested in improving your job outlook and increasing your salary? How can you demonstrate that you are the most qualified candidate for a Senior IOS Developer position? Helping employees identify areas for growth and development, as well as provide guidance on how to achieve their career goals is essential for long-term success.

Java is a widely-known programming language that was invented in 1995 and is owned by Oracle. It is a server-side language that was created to let app developers “write once, run anywhere”. It is easy and simple to learn and use and is powerful, fast, and secure. This object-oriented programming language lets the code be reused that automatically lowers the development cost. Java is specially used for android apps, web and application servers, games, database connections, etc.

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However, it is important to know that there is no upfront cost of hiring iOS developers through Turing. On the contrary, Turing offers you a risk-free, two-week trial with your developers.. Companies are actively looking for excellent React Native developers to complete their projects. While some people struggle with teamwork, it is crucial to maintain the dynamics of the team.

Tell us the skills you need and we’ll find the best developer for you in days, not weeks. Grand Central Dispatch is used in iOS ecosystem to introduce concurrency and parallelism in the operating system to perform heavy computing tasks in the background without affecting the user experience. Built In is the online community for startups and tech companies. Master in-demand skills for your workplace with Udemy’s online development and engineering courses. Prototype, code and optimize applications for use in the iOS ecosystem. Sign up to browse 180+ available skills and pre-built templates.

General Coding Knowledge

Make sure you have at least one example of a time you demonstrated each of the top five skills listed here. More experienced developers will be familiar with the interface debugger, Instruments, and conditional breakpoints. Developer interviews tend to spend a lot of time focusing on data structures, algorithms, and big O notation.

iOS developer skills

Table views are another vital component of the user interface that will help you manage long-scrolling lists in iOS apps. Learning to use Auto Layout within Xcode will help you build user interfaces for devices of different sizes. Swift and Objective C are the most used coding languages used for iOS app development. A disciplined and focused approach will help produce better outcomes, whether working in a team or independently.

Android and iOS Mobile Developer Skills for Resumes

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or related field.

This course is offered in person and live online, in a remote classroom setting… The eight most common skills for ios developers in 2023 based on resume usage. The second most common hard skill for an ios developer is ui appearing on 7.3% of resumes. The third most common ios developer skill is git on 6.9% of resumes. If you truly want to stand out from other applicants for iOS jobs, you’ll need knowledge that allows you to operate on a network and platform level. The best steps to take in learning Swift and the iOS platform is to build on a solid foundation, starting with the basics of Swift and then to move on to advanced concepts and finally to the iOS platform.

To achieve these goals, one must not be just a team player but also a strong communicator who knows how to bring out the best in others. The workplace is constantly changing with the technological world, bringing in new trends at every turn. So when things don’t go as planned, it is crucial to adapt and proactively learn how to deal with the change.

  • For those who master the skills, the potential rewards are vast.
  • Last but not least, we value excellent communication and support throughout the project’s life cycle.
  • Migrated SVN repositories to Git and assisted development team with transition to distributed version control workflow.
  • After the iOS Developers gain expertise in application development and understand more about the concepts, testing, and designing, they may get to handle teams as Senior iOS Developers.
  • Collaborate with designers and other developers throughout application development.
  • In terms of earning potential, iOS developers rank among the top paid IT workers, with an average nationwide salary of $114,614 .

By asking the right questions during one-on-one meetings, you can encourage your team to share thoughts and ideas and support development and career growth. Carving out time on a regular basis (i.e. monthly) to review team objectives, discuss progress, and identify areas for improvement is key to making sure your team is working toward the same goals. Shadowing a senior team member on a project to gain more experience and exposure to new skills and techniques.


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